Canon EOS-1Ds Mk I

The Canon EOS-1Ds Mk 1 features a 11.1 Million Pixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor for Superior Image Quality

CMOS Sensor
The EOS-1Ds advantage begins with a full-frame CMOS sensor – developed and manufactured by Canon – with an imaging area of 24 x 36mm, the same dimensions used by full-frame 35mm SLRs. Finally, every EF lens will work the same on a digital SLR as it does on your 35mm film cameras, with the same coverage. Even for wide-angle shooters.

The CMOS sensor of the EOS-1Ds has 11.1 million effective pixels with a maximum resolution of 4,064 x 2,704 pixels. This almost doubles the resolution currently considered state-of-the-art by most professionals, resulting in a quantum leap in digital image quality.

Canon 1DS Mk1 Canon 1DS MK1

High Performance Imaging Engine
The EOD-1Ds’s imaging engine is one of the keys to its exceptional speed and image quality. This advanced “chip” processes image data to achieve the same color accuracy and wide tonal range as the high quality slide films often favored by professionals. And even with almost twice the pixel resolution of previous pro cameras, it still supports a 10-frame buffer memory at framing rates up to 3 fps.